Lake Roots Company

Don't forget your roots!

About Lake Roots Company

Lake Roots Company was founded by Maria Johnson Narveson, L.Ac. and Sean Narveson in 2019.  The Lake Roots Company name was chosen because of the deep roots that were grown by the Wisconsin and Minnesota lakes that they have grown up on. 

"Our fondest memories with family and friends were made on our lakes.  We have so many great memories of the many fun, heart warming and calming times that we have had in, on and around the water.  This is where we find our peace and we hope you find yours while using our products."

~ Maria and Sean Narveson

Maria Johnson Narveson is a licensed Acupuncturist in Rice Lake, Wisconsin.  Her interest in CBD Oil first started from the many questions her patients had regarding this product.   What should I look for in a high quality product? How should I take it? Can my pet take it?  These questions sparked her interest and she hit the books and started talking to professionals in the industry to find out where to start.  She carries many products in her office  but was having problems finding a higher milligram, quality product using Organic ingredients and Organic essential oils for flavoring.  This sent Maria and Sean on a mission to find the best product and to get in the production and designing efforts of their products.  They partnered with a local Wisconsin farmer and joined him in his laboratory to find the perfect combination to sell to her patients and their customers.   Hence the beginning of Lake Roots Company.  

We can't wait to share it with you!

Don't forget your roots!

Maria and Sean